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Most exclusive cars in Cuba

Drive by the island in the purest cuban style, enjoy our car rentals in cuba.

We have a car rental service, both classic and modern, with driver to travel around Cuba leisurely and carefree.

It is better to book in advance to do it once reached Cuba, because it is cheaper and also ensures the availability of the vehicle, because in Cuba there is short supply and high demand in this area.

You do not have to think where to park, how to get, or have responsibilities because our professional driver will handle everything.


Tour Havana in a classic convertible car as a celebrity in 1940´s


With or without driver, the road is yours

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    Classic and Modern cars rental service

    Car Rentals in Cuba: Enjoy The Most Exclusive Luxury Cars in Cuba

    Cuba, more than a sun and beach destiny, is full color, a history rich as none, amazing architectonic designs, a mix of cultures which make it a mandatory destiny for every tourist and visitor, being really attractive, different and unique from its beautiful landscapes to its hospitable, cheerful and kind people. The biggest island in the Caribbean, charms everyone with its reefs, dreamed beaches, perfect weather, its luxury lodgings in Havana, antique cars, magnificent landscapes and its splendid Havana, the capital.

    Havana, mentioned capital of Cuba, is the most popular touristic destiny of the Caribbean by its majestic way of mixing both faces of the city, leaving to see its colonial and elegant side, which makes a spectacular contrast with the antiques centenary houses; being totally evident this in the greatest Old Havana, the most antique zone of the city, just like one of the best colonial cities of America by its architectonic heritage.

    Havana, almost since its foundation has become in the principal port of Cuba, being essentially important for its economy, commerce and others.

    Car Rentals in Cuba: Types of Vehicles Available in Cuba

    Cuban capital has become in one of the most solicited destinies  as for The Caribbean travels as for being one the places with the biggest transit of tourism in Latin America.

    All of this makes of Cuba, the most beautiful island that human eyes have ever seen, into a mandatory destiny in the list of places to visit and go vacation. Go for a drive in car in an island of so much splendor is amazing, innovative, and incredible to create new and unique experiences. Travel in a classic car you have always wanted to drive, know a transcendental culture that with the pass of years offers its modernity and previously through its architecture, streets and cars. Have a great time and delight yourself with what you have never seen before, at the same time you enjoy of total relaxation, comfort, privacy, cleanliness and calm.

    Diamond Cuba offers to each client, for its biggest comfort to move from a place to another a car services, adapting to the taste and schedule of the client.

    Car Rentals in Cuba: The Unique Experience of Antique Classic Convertible Cars

    Enjoy totally of an unforgettable experience, travel in classical and antique cars, revive a part of what it was the colonial stage of Cuba and the 70´s in the entire world, all of this through a car; experience unforgettable drives in classical American cars, convertible, not convertible, Cadillac, Ford, Chevrolet, the famous ¨almendrones¨ and so much more that will make of your vacations a wonders drive. Enjoy our car rentals in cuba.

    Travel around Cuba, discover every Cuban corner, visit renowned and heavenly places, go from the sublime to the real and wonderful of Cuba n a classical car, drive around through the entire capital and the great streets of  the Old Havana, with an experienced touristic guide, know a unique and special culture through our car services.

    We also offer van services, in case of traveling in big groups, this is much more feasible by transporting from a place to another, guarantying also, a complete experience aside of family and friends.

    Diamond Advice for a Dream Vacation in Cuba

    Besides you can opt for modern cars with air conditioner and other accommodations, last models, being Peugeot, Audi, Emgrand, Mercedes Benz, Ferrari and others, according to the client´s taste. Enjoy our car rentals in cuba and live a unique experience.

    Diamond Cuba adapts to your schedule, offering  to the client a number of luxury services along with the car, like individual and group pickups to the airport; personalized visits to places in Havana; a personal touristic guide service to realize personalized walks; and many more offers that will make of your stay in Cuba an easy and comfortable travel. Allow us to design you a personalized itinerary according to your wishes and likes, through the one you will experiment of wonderful places and take with you amazing and unforgettable experiences. Using our services your experiences will be totally full of magnificent moments. Enjoy our car rentals in cuba.

    We put to your disposal the icons of cars of the capital, offering you services of high quality, a sophisticated and elegant environment that will make you enjoy of a totally new, different, nice and unforgettable panorama. Don’t miss this splendid opportunity and make your transportation service reservation with Diamond Cuba, we guaranty you an easy travel full of comfort and luxury.

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