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Cuba house rentals or casas particulares will make you feel as a local. Staying in places for rent in Cuba has become in recent years a very popular way to know the authentic flavor, culture and habits of Cubans. Increasing number of people opt for this type of accommodation leaving behind the habit of staying in a hotel that is out of the Cuban reality.

This phenomenon has been called “city tourism” and every time has more followers having its maximum exponent during the last years, and not only in Cuba, the phenomenon of vacation house rentals nowadays is a reality worldwide.

Our homes for rent in Cuba allow tourists to know first-hand through their owners, maid, staff and neighbors, the Cuban reality from the point of view of the citizen and not properly tourist. In this area, it can be said that Cuba was a pioneer since it has been working with private houses for around 20 years, so the experience and professionalism are superlative.

The best Cuba house rentals: casas particulares, apartments & beach houses

This Caribbean island is characterized also for having a tropical taste, the mix that is their culture makes its drinks and typical plates in an irresistible delicacy. Also in company of picturesque landscapes with abundant vegetation and a rich vegetation perfects to enjoy of a beautiful sunset, in company of a delicious and refreshing Cuban drink.

Cuba, a destiny based in its nice tropical weather, its beauty and natural richness, its transcendental history, its architecture, landscapes, reefs, beaches, magnificent musical styles, an overflowing culture and many other attractive, invite to every visitor to enjoy of an entire dreamed island, that will allow you to create new and unique experiences through luxury rent houses and of the best services you could find in Cuba.

Our apartments for rent in Cuba are in the best locations:

Cuba, a great island in the Caribbean island that has traditions, museums, contrasts, besides of the great hospitality and kindness of the Cuban people, which is easily passed to every visitor with its sun and tune, that makes it a wonderful destiny to every type of trip no matter if its business, vacations or honeymoon. Beauty of its edifications, magnificent and picturesque places, its treasures and the other exotic stops that invite to every tourist to get inside not only in their culture but also in its streets, making activities that get them closer from a today’s Cuba to a colonial Cuba. Stay at one of our cuba house rentals and live a unique experience.

Being the biggest island of the Caribbean, Cuba is a great place to go vacation; with a hot weather, beautiful beaches, coral reefs and a rich history like few. This destiny will make you enjoy of an unforgettable vacations to the Cuban sound; with music anywhere, dances, classic and antique cars, wonderful luxury villas with pools, incredible cuba rent houses and much more that will make of your trip an authentic experience in Cuba.

Our exclusive cuba casa rentals are mainly located in the following areas:

Havana is more than a touristic destiny, the Cuban Capital is a stop full of wonders, decadent, full of colors and hospitality, is the administrative center, cultural, political and scientific of the country, so if you visit Cuba is almost mandatory for you to stop I Havana. This great capital lets to be seen both faces of the city: the elegant, rich and colonial one that makes a contrast with the antique centenary houses, which gives a matchless attractive and more than a million of tourists decide to travel Havana in a year.

Old Havana is the most antique zone in the Cuban capital, just like one of the best colonial cities in America because in it coincide numerous architectonic styles.

Cuba casa rentals: Be just one step from the sea, enjoy our beach houses in Cuba

Nowadays, Havana is one of the most solicited touristic destinies, not only for travels in the Caribbean but for being one of the places with the biggest transit of tourism on Latin America; being recognized worldwide for being so wonderful.

Rounded by an extended littoral, can enjoy of many quality beaches, and even can be seen an embracing green belt that guarantees the environment’s health of a separated plaza; which allows to face successfully a tourism of meetings and even incentive travels. Stay at one of our cuba house rentals and discover Cuba with us!

We offer to our clients the best rent houses in Cuba with the objective of them to have services and a luxury lodging. Our purpose is that client find pleasure, enjoy and rest as much as wanted. Our beautiful rent houses in Havana will fill you of beautiful memories.

Rent houses in the best locations of Havana, with excellent conditions of comfort and luxurious services.

Rental properties in cuba: we offer cuba casa rentals, apartments for rent in cuba, beach house rental cuba and places to rent in cuba

Staying in one of the rent houses in Havana is one the most interesting experiences you would enjoy in your travel to Cuba because you will be able to know genuinely how think and live Cuban people.

Cuba is an unusual country and unique in many aspects, so the way of taking the real feeling of Cuba and its people and even to know deeply the thinking of the Cuban society is to interact regularly with Cuban people in your stay in the country; this can be easily made by staying in one of our cuba house rentals.

Behind a luxury and excellent stay in our rent houses will await you thousands of touristic destinies and unique spaces that will leave you a lot of wonderful experiences of an amazing island.

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