20th May: Cuba’s Independence Day

20th May: Cuba’s Independence Day

May 11, 2017

This week commemorates 115 years of the proclamation of the Republic of Cuba, when the people of Havana approached the bay to contemplate how the Cuban flag was hoisted for the first time in “La Fortaleza de los Tres Reyes del Morro”. On this day the American troops began to back out and the power was transferred to the first president-elect Tomas Estrada Palma, thus fulfilling the greatest aspiration of the Cuban people to embark on the road to democracy. If you decide to rent a villa in Cuba you will be able to breathe its history in any corner of the island.

One war, three countries involved

The fight for independence goes back to the first years of 1800, reaching its climax with the beginning of a great war in 1868 called the “Guerra de los Diez Años”. The first fourteen months of fighting left 16,980 Cuban deaths, 9,133 wounded and 2,092 prisoners. These figures give an idea of the number of human casualties which were caused by the fight for independence.

After ten years of war, the Peace of Sanjon began. But in 1895 it came to end, when the final years of struggle began. At the end of 1897, the United States’ government claimed that the war affected its interests and demanded reforms in Spain to achieve peace. The central government granted Cuba a broad autonomy, initiated political reforms and declared an armistice. An autonomous government was formed and a new bicameral Insular Parliament was elected.

However, the Cuban rebels declared that it was already too late for a peaceful settlement and assured that they would fight until achieving independence. USS Maine, the naval ship of USA exploded and this country declared the war to Spain, who surrendered in 1898 by signing the Treaty of Paris. Spain renounced to Cuba, Puerto Rico and Philippines and USA occupied the island, but the Cuban pressures to constitute its own country made the United States prepare its retirement soon. The establishment of the Republic of Cuba on 20th May 1902 was the end of an arduous and long war, where USA, Spain and Cuba fought for their own interests.

Rent a villa in Cuba and discover all the historic places of the island. Feel you are part of the history.

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