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November 6, 2023

Top 5 Cuban Cocktails

Elegance, lightness, purity, unbeatable taste: these are some of the characteristics that distinguish Cuban rum and Cuban cocktails from its similar ones created in other parts of the planet.

When it comes to the preparation of Cuban cocktails, this island has one of the greatest references around the world, since the ingenuity with which they are prepared in this country through the fusion of its excellent rums and liquors with delicious and varied fruits, have made the island one of the best places to enjoy them.

cuba libre cuban cocktail

Cuba Libre Cuban Cocktails

There are several disquisitions about its origin, although the bad tongues say that the Cuban cocktail was born around 1900. It was one of those hot Havana afternoons when American Captain Russell stood at a bar and ordered aged rum, Coke, ice and a slice of lime.

The captain drank the mixture with such pleasure that the well-to-do soldiers around him ordered a round of this drink for them. The mixture was an immediate success. After several rounds, one soldier immediately proposed a toast: «To Cuba Libre! The battle cry gave the cocktail its name and that way was born this enjoyable Cuban cocktail.

The method of preparation is super simple, you just have to bind in a highball glass ½ ounce of Havana Club Añejo Blanco rum, ice, cola and lime.
After all, it was Ernest Hemingway who said: «My mojito in La Bodeguita, my daiquiri in La Floridita».

Tasting these Cuban cocktails that don’t lose their glamour is not only a gift to the palate. When you taste them, wherever you are, they will always have the power to take you to the corners of Havana; to any place that transmits the Cuban vibes.

mojito cuban cocktail

Mojito Cuban Cocktails

Cuba’s climate has crowned this drink as the undisputed king of summer. Its emergence dates from the time of the American dry law, when Americans wanted to drink alcohol legally they had to travel outside the United States, almost always to nearby Cuba.

In the United States there is a cocktail similar to the mojito but made with bourbon. As there was no such drink in the Caribbean, it was replaced by Ron Añejo Blanco, and in this way the Cuban cocktail named mojito became one of the most popular Cuban cocktails, and a gift to the world.

This illustrious Cuban cocktail from Bodeguita del Medio contains 1 ½ ounce of Havana Club Añejo Blanco rum, ½ teaspoonful of sugar, juice of ½ lime, soda water, mint, ice. How to prepare it: nothing fancy, but watch out, with these temperatures, the mojito goes down too well.

canchancara cuban cocktail

Canchanchara Cuban Cocktail

The name of this Cuban cocktail announces the cubanity it contains. The Canchánchara is considered a symbol of the city of Trinidad. But the habit of consuming this drink dates back several centuries, and although the passage of time has changed the way in which it is drunk, it has remained in the preference of many. The delicious balm consists of sugarcane rum, honey and lemon juice. In those days this drink was enjoyed hot, served on a güira tree peel.

daiquiri cuban cocktail

Daiquiri Cuban Cocktails

The daiquiri is a 100% Cuban cocktail, although invented and shown to the world by foreigners who linked their lives to this island. It came about thanks to the ingenuity of the American Jennings Cox, who in the absence of Geneva tried to soften the strong Cuban rum with sugar and lemon juice.

Later, his colleague Pagliuchi named it daiquiri, in honor of the mines in eastern Cuba where they worked. So the two miners took the idea to a nearby bar in Santiago de Cuba, where the bartender gave the drink to everyone present, including the Spanish bartender Emilio González, who brought it to Havana, giving the details of its preparation to the owner of the Floridita, Constantino Ribalaigua. The latter began to transform the Cuban cocktail by creating various combinations, until finally the world famous Daiquiri Frappé came out.

However, the Cuban drink became world famous when the writer Ernest Hemingway said that it was the best drink in the world; besides immortalizing it in his work The Old Man and the Sea.
Nowadays it can be prepared with different types of mixtures, among them vodka, aged Cuban rums, mint, etc.

cuba bella cuban cocktail

Cuba Bella Cuban Cocktail

Drinks are like odes to Cuba and this Cuban cocktail is no different. It is a poem but in the form of a drink perfectly sculpted with great care to dedicate it to the beautiful island of the Caribbean. You won’t find the Cuba Bella in cocktail books. This is a Cuban cocktail created by a Cuban bartender to share with the world the love he feels for Cuba. We hope you enjoy it too.

When you deconstruct Cuba Bella you realize that this Cuban drink is a cosmetic alteration to the classic daiquiri. First we take the original daiquiri recipe (white rum, lime juice, and syrup) and turn it into a frape, then we add two new ingredients, grenadine and curaçao azul liquor, to create visual indications of the Cuban flag.

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