Rent a villa in Cuba and find out El Nicho, the paradisiacal waterfalls

Rent a villa in Cuba and find out El Nicho, the paradisiacal waterfalls

Jun 02, 2017

El Nicho is a wonder of nature, dozens of waterfalls and natural ponds in a virtually virgin area, hidden among the mountains. One of the settlements belonging to Hanabanilla, a basin of national interest, in the province of Cienfuegos. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Cuba and probably in the Caribbean. Cuba conserves secrets and places where tourism has not arrived yet so if you decide to rent a villa in Cuba you will be able to discover awesome places like El Nicho.

Geographic location

It is crossing the Sierra del Escambray, 30 kilometers from Topes de Collantes and only two from Lake Hanabanilla. It is part of the Laguna de Guanaroca-Yaguanabo-El Nicho Wildlife Refuge, located in Guanayara Park. Due to its location between mountains, it is only accessible by car, so if you are thinking to go there, we recommend you to rent a car in Cuba (classic or modern) with LujoCuba, we have a great offer for you.

El Nicho, the heaven in the Earth

It is a nesting site for flamingos and other birds and it is home to legends of pirates. There are Aboriginal remainders and even the cave which has the largest stalagmite of Latin America with 67 meters of height, Cueva Martín Infierno, which is a National Monument.

This natural space is an exceptional place with endemic species in addition to rich topographical accidents and formations, both plant and geomorphological, that give the area a prominence in the massif. The settlement is located in the center of the natural valley that forms one of the most important biological corridors of the region, hence the necessity to preserve it for present and future generations.

It is a paradisiac place where the green of the vegetation, the rivers, the waterfalls and the picturesque peasant villages are combined magnificently. Ecotourism lovers fall in love with this area. Thanks to bridges finished with improvised railings, the visitor’s ascent becomes less tortuous. Then, the visitors reaches a viewpoint that allows to contemplate an entire green world at their feet.

Remember; if you are planning to travel to Cuba, with LujoCuba you will be able to rent a villa in Cuba and rent a car too in order to discover fantastic places like El Nicho.

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