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6 ноября 2023 года

Лучшие кубинские ромы

If we are going to talk about rums in the world, we cannot fail to mention the Cuban rums. Due to the climate and the traditional distillation methods used over the years, the island achieved great success in the production of these beverages that is maintained to this day with world-renowned brands such as Havana Club and Santiago de Cuba.

Therefore, if you feel like drinking a shot of rum or simply making yourself some cocktails, I recommend you choose one of the Cuban rums, because they are pleasant and smooth on the palate, their aroma is not excessive and they have a divine balance between alcohol and aged dyes. Which are the best Cuban rums? Ah, you’ll find out if you keep reading.

Havana Club Cuban Rums

Created in 1934 and nationalized by the Cuban government after the Cuban Revolution, Havana Club is one of the most popular and commercialized Cuban rums brands in the world thanks to the French company Pernod Ricard.

As a curiosity, this Cuban rum is sold all over the world except in the United States, where there is a product under the same name but made by Bacardi in Puerto Rico. This fact has led to a series of confrontations between the two companies in the courts that are still ongoing, given the existence of both products under the same brand.

Havana Club Cuban Rum

Arecha Cuban Rums

Since this Cuban rums was born in the 19th century and up to the present day, the Cuban firm Arecha has all the flavour and tradition of the master rum makers, as its products have been made using the same methods and technologies for over eighty years.

There are several Arecha factories on the island of Cuba, and each product has a different aroma and nuance depending on the area in which it was produced.

Arecha Cuban Rum

Legendario Cuban Rum

As Cuban as the rest, the Legendario Cuban rums brand was founded in 1946 and is characterized by offering products made with very old production systems.

These methods include the use of American oak barrels, the use of silica sand or filtering from the double bottom of the tanks. As a curiosity, it is worth noting that this brand, one of the most delicious, is sold in Europe thanks to the Valencian company Legendario S. L.

Legendario Cuban Rum

Edmundo Dantes Cuban Rum

But if prestige and exclusivity are at stake, one cannot fail to mention Edmundo Dantés, the Santiago de Cuba-based rum producer who only produces three thousand bottles of this Cuban rums liquid treasure a year.

Its smooth vanilla aftertaste in the mouth and its intense golden color make it one of the most valued products of the rum industry in the world.

Edmundo Dantes, who owes his name to the novel ‘El Conde de Montecristo’, produces 15- and 25-year-old rum. The latter is sold in a very luxurious packaging that includes 24-carat gold.

Edmundo Dantes Cuban Rum

Caney Cuban Rum

Caney Cuban rums is made in the former Bacardi distillery in Santiago de Cuba, known today as Nave de Don Pancho. The humid climate of this area is what gives the sugar cane a different flavor, an aspect that, together with the taste of a type of mango exclusive to Santiago (the Caney de las Mercedes), creates a unique product that has the most traditional origin of the Cuban rum industry.

Caney Cuban Rum
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