Top 10 Beaches in Cuba

Top 10 Beaches in Cuba

Oct 21, 2019
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best beaches in cuba
Top 10 Beaches in Cuba

Located in the Caribbean Sea and full of countless natural beauties, this island has been assuming with the passing of the years an increasingly leading role in global tourism, and is that the best beaches of Cuba have been widely recognized as some of the best for vacations, maintaining since colonial times that exotic and romantic aspect that so characterize them.

Therefore, for lovers of the sun and the sea, we will present a list with the Cuba best beaches, which will captivate from the most intrepid of adventurers to those who want to spend a quiet vacation along the coast.

cuba best beaches
Varadero Beach

Varadero Beach

The first thing that comes to mind when looking for what to do in Cuba is to visit the Varadero beach, a tropical paradise that always excels in global rankings thanks to its 22 kilometers of white sand mixed with impressive blue tones. Without a doubt, this is one of those photography destinations, perfect for those who want to enjoy the riches of the Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean.

As one of the most important tourist poles in the Republic of Cuba, visitors enjoy numerous lodging options, ranging from imposing 5-star hotels, apartments and villas, to cozy bungalows, being considered one of the Cuba best beaches.

ancon beach
Ancon Beach

Ancon Beach

Another places of interest on the island that could not be missing on our list is the emblematic Ancon Beach. Located near the southern city of Trinidad in the province of Sancti Spíritus, tourists can reach this paradisiacal Cuban coast either by bus, car or bicycle, being one of the best beaches in Cuba.

With almost 4 kilometers of flat expanse of fine sand, warm waters and turquoise blue, this tourist destination is the ideal refuge to spend a relaxing day. As if that weren’t enough, this beach stands out for its beautiful coral reef and seabed, not to mention the many aquatic activities available for the more adventurous.

cuba best beaches
Santa Lucia Beach

Santa Lucia Beach

A radiant sun, warm waters and reefs of immeasurable beauty, this is part of what awaits you if you choose to go sightseeing at Santa Lucía Beach. In addition to its natural attraction, this place becomes during the month of August a cultural and sports axis for those who wish to carry out activities related to the sea, complemented in turn by gastronomic offers that open the appetite to anyone.

With its 20 kilometers long, Santa Lucia is one of the longest beaches in Cuba. Other things to see at this eastern end of the island is the largest population of pink flamingos in the entire Caribbean and the abundant vegetation around, which enhance the natural beauty of this beach, considered for its wonders and beauty one the best beaches in Cuba.

esmeralda beach cuba
Esmeralda Beach

Esmeralda Beach

The emerald, an intense green gem, is eclipsed when compared to this beach that bears its name. With warm waters and beautiful coral formations, the almost 18-kilometer-long coastal area that houses this beach is surrounded by cliffs, slopes and a significant number of plants. All of these amazing and beautiful things make it one of the Cuba best beaches.

Located only 72 kilometers from the Frank País International Airport, Playa Esmeralda has important resorts that offer their guests activities such as windsurfing and sailing. In addition, thousands of tourists visit these crystal-clear Cuban waters every year to practice scuba diving among the different coral formations housed in their depths.

cuba best beaches
Pilar Beach, Cayo Guillermo

Pilar Beach

El Pilar is one of the tourist places in Cuba that you can’t miss during your holidays. Named after the yacht of the famous American novelist Ernest Hemingway, this beach is located in the Jardines del Rey Archipelago, specifically in Cayo Guillermo.

Many agree that this is one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, and is that the color of its waters that vary from green to blue, and even yellow tones, the dunes up to 16 meters high and the palm trees that flutter in the wind, make this coast of the country a true Caribbean paradise.

Just in Playa Pilar, a Cuba best beaches is located one of the most important hotels to visit in Cuba, we refer to the Hotel Iberostar. This luxurious enclosure of 5 stars and 482 rooms, counts on all the ideal services to spend a few vacations of relax, or in couple, with the family or between friends…

Playa Sirenas

Sirena Beach

One of the best beaches in Cuba, Sirena Beach, is another of the places you should visit in the “Pearl of the Antilles”. Known as a natural pool due to its constant temperature, this place is a true treasure of nature that offers many options for entertainment and relaxation, including kayaking and canoeing.

One of the experiences you can’t miss is swimming with dolphins. Yes, this beach has a reciento that houses several of these cetaceans and where it is possible to approach them, swim and even play a little.

Also, it is very common to arrive to this coast in 1 day excursions that start in the cities of Havana and Varadero, from where tourists from all over the world travel to enjoy the crystalline waters, white sand and a delicious grilled fish in Sirena Beach.

cuba best beaches
Caletones Beach

Caletones Beach

Located to the west of the Gibara municipality, in the province of Holguín, is located the Caletones Ecological Reserve, a natural space that houses the beautiful beach that bears the same name. Upholstered with very fine white sand, this natural paradise has sandy and rocky bottoms and an extension of 175 meters long by 10 meters wide, which makes it one of the Cuba best beaches.

But this is not all, tourists will be able to visit in its surroundings beautiful natural pools that are the result of large wells of subterranean rivers. And for the more adventurous, there is the possibility of exploring the largest flooded cavern discovered on the island and one of the most important in the country.

In addition, every year during the month of August this Cuban resort is the scene of the Stereo G Electronic Music Festival, which brings together the best exponents of this musical genre to put everyone on the Cuban beach to dance.

cuba best beaches

Guardalavaca Beach

Frequented by thousands of Canadian and English tourists a year, among other nationalities, this beach located along the Atlantic coast of the province of Holguín will surely captivate you with its natural and historical-cultural attractions, being one of the Cuba best beaches.

With its particular shell shape and 1,700 meters in length, Playa Guardalavaca is a beautiful refuge of fine white sands and crystal clear waters, surrounded by coral reefs, forests, hills and abundant vegetation.

In addition, this resort is not only an ideal space for kayaking or windsurfing, but it is also the perfect natural scenery for diving thanks to its 30 dive sites with amazing visibility.

Also, if you want to spend the night in this Cuban paradise, in Guardalavaca you will find three all-inclusive hotels, all with direct access to the beach.

Playa de Guanabo

Guanabo Beach

Frequented by Cubans -especially from Havana- and tourists, Guanabo is one of the most popular places in eastern Cuba for beach tourism besides of being one of the best beaches in Cuba. This 14-kilometer-long coastline is a beautiful destination of white sands and coral reefs.

Visitors to Playa Guanabo are attracted by its turquoise waters where diving and snorkeling are some of the favorite aquatic activities. In addition, the inhabitants of this warm locality open the doors of their homes to both domestic and foreign tourists for attractive prices.

As if that weren’t enough, this Caribbean paradise of clear waters and pleasant climate throughout the year, has all the services for your total comfort, such as: supermarkets, bars, cafeterias, discos and an unbeatable tranquility.

Santa Maria del Mar Beach

cuba best beaches
Santa Maria del Mar Beach

Just 35 km from Havana’s Historic Center, this beautiful and popular Cuban beach is located just between Megano and Boca Ciega. The Santa María del Mar coastline stretches for about 10 kilometers and is adorned by fine white sand and a turquoise blue worthy of a photograph.

Forming part of the beaches of eastern Cuba, Santa Maria is an urbanized resort that has a large number of stalls selling food and light drinks. Visitors also claim that its natural beauty is such that all it does is spread a towel, place an umbrella and stay there all summer to enjoy of the best Cuba beaches.

Large and cosmopolitan, this beach also has a multisports area where you can play the modalities of beach handball, volleyball and soccer, without neglecting water sports such as kitesurfing.

Enjoy of a great vacation in the Cuba best beaches.

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